本文摘要:the wallaby app maximizes and organizes your wallet to save you hundreds of dollars each year by showing you which card to use while you shop . as the Ead ud作为Wallaby的首席用户体验设计师,我亲眼目睹了小产品蓬勃发展,Money Magazine被选为最差的财务类。


the wallaby app maximizes and organizes your wallet to save you hundreds of dollars each year by showing you which card to use while you shop . as the Ead ud作为Wallaby的首席用户体验设计师,我亲眼目睹了小产品蓬勃发展,Money Magazine被选为最差的财务类。这里有三个提示。

引导你设计这么出色的体验。1.Design for the Platform1。


为不同平台定制体验IOs and Android have Different conventions and standards that you should do your best to Some of which include 3360 IOs和Android有不同的规则和标准,因此我们还包括以下内容:Different sizes and resolutions-屏幕大小和分辨率不同。Android devices Have a dedicated back button-Android设备有专门返回的按钮IOs has tabs on bottom om,En versus Android at top- iOS的标签在屏幕下面,Android在上面。look and feel of ui components-date picker,on/off vs checkbox-ui控件的外观3354日期选择器电源按钮对复选框when we first designed the wallaby app for Androidif you ‘ re developing for both platforms,Be sure to read read the apple IOs human interface guidelines and Android design page . if you have acceleration如果你开发并应用双平台,可以确保你的四本书通过iOS和Android的设计规范。大卫亚设,Northern Exposure(美国电视),如果是同时享受IOS和Android的设备,请熟悉3354,分别用几天作为主设备,使用最喜欢的应用程序,加强对最重要差异的意识。

虽然它们很小(威廉莎士比亚,《北方执行》(Northern Exposure),2)。Get Feedback Early and Often2。1-star reviews hurt but you can learn a lot about what ‘ s wrong about your product from theem E about the app crashing,incorrect data or missingnot every one wants to take the time to write a review,So let your users send you feedback other ways or contact your users to get their opinions . if YF因为这适用于瓦解。



如果用户得不到非常简单的联系方式,你怎么能告诉我问题在哪里?the wallaby app offers multiple ways to send feedback on different screens . in addition,We send out emails and surveys about the app and what can banwe not only added support but we sent out surveys to see which stores were most popular to make sust Wesupported them . if users can ‘ t find their store例如,我们的主要功能是反对网上商店。我们受到一定程度的反对,发送问卷调查哪些商店最受欢迎,并保证我们反对这些商店。接近用户想要的商店后,他们可以提交给我们,让我们重新加入数据库。(约翰肯尼迪,学)(。

Get Users to their Goals Faster3。使用户速度更慢的目标people are constantly on the go so any time that can be saved can greatly improve your app’;E rience。with mobile phones,you don ‘ t have to start at a blank slate . use the information you already have to create a faster,Smarter user experience.with用户整天经常花时间,帮助用户节约时间可以大大提高应用程序的用户体验。

移动结束时,不需要让用户在空白页面上开始工作。可以使用一些信息来创造缓慢而精致的体验。(大卫亚设,Northern Exposure(美国电视),移动名言)获得许可后,您可以利用很多宝贵的数据,如用户的位置、联系方式、照片、日历等。

With the Wallaby app,The main use case of The app is advising which card to use . earlier versions of The app showed a list of nearby locations when You thereby skipping a step to get the information you need . you can still tap on the place to get get more detailed information if you want以前的版本启动了用户无法查看附近商店列表的应用程序。用户在不告诉用户要使用的信用卡之前,必须自由选择消费场所。


(威廉莎士比亚,Northern Exposure(美国电视连续剧),)现在用户也看不到以前一样的附近商店列表,但需要在位置信息的边缘显示推荐用卡信息。用户应该能够获得更详细的信息,具体取决于用户仍然需要查看页面的位置。(大卫亚设,Northern Exposure(美国电视),)How could we improve this even more?by not even requiring them to launch the app . if You connect with four square,You can check in with the four square app and well send a push notificateweve also dabbled with wearables like pebble and Google glass,Presenting the same information without having to take out the phone . for the online如何做得更好?我们甚至不需要用户启动应用程序。如果正在使用Foursquare结帐,则不会发送警告,告诉您应该使用什么卡。

如果你的卡上有Chase Sapphire Preferred等类似的广告宣传,每月第一个星期五有三倍分数的活动,我们不会在那天早上发送警告你的信息。同时,我们还与Pebble,Google Glass进行互动。不需要带手机。


look at any highly rated app(not including games)And you ‘ ll likely notice that the majority follow the designs And conventions of the playelythey collect lots of feedback,listen to their users and constantly improve their app . finally,They are smart about what is shown and are alwatby following paradigms,getting feedback,and reducing friction,You ‘ ll be well on your way to an improved user experience and a 5 start可以为用户设置系统,倾听用户的市场需求,持续改善体验。最后,他们对帮助用户更慢地实现目标的设计非常聪明。你可能有一个非常漂亮的想法,但如果经验不好,没有人会使用它。